US Sikhs Disturbed by another Sikh being attacked in California in two days 

US Sikhs Disturbed by another Sikh being attacked in California in two days 

Washington , August 8 ( Raj Gogna)—Yesterday in Manteca, California, Sahib Singh was the victim of an attack while taking his morning walk. The 71-year-old Punjabi immigrant was assaulted causing him to hit the cement street and his turban to be violently ripped off. This sad act of cruelty is just the latest example of violence, bullying and abuse against Sikh Americans. Recently in Turlock, California, Surjit Singh Malhi was also brutally assaulted while putting up campaign yard signs in his local community.  A video has gone viral of this elderly Sikh being beaten up.


Dr. Rajwant Singh, co-founder of National Sikh Campaign (NSC) stated, “We are disturbed and appalled by the recent attacks on Sikh Americans. The fact that Sahib Singh was assaulted and had his turban ripped off his head should be a peaceful call to action for our community and the many supporters of our campaign — Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike — to take a more active role in combating hate . This situation serves as a painful reminder that there is still much work to be done in bringing Americans of all faiths, colors, and communities together.”
“Our nation is going through an incredible time of polarization and hateful rhetoric has been increasingly inserted into public discourse. The Sikh community can be an easy target for people who are either enraged or misguided. We hope that civic sense prevails in this nation and we continue to make this nation stronger and more harmonious.”
Gurwin Singh Ahuja, Executive Director of NSC, said, “We wear our turbans to stand up against inequality, injustice and the poor treatment of the oppressed. We launched National Sikh Campaign & We Are Sikhs last year so that more Americans could hear about their Sikhs neighbors, what we stand for and the contributions we make to our communities.

About National Sikh Campaign, The National Sikh Campaign (NSC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the many contributions Sikh Americans are making in their communities every day. Whether it’s serving multiple tours overseas, leading Fortune 500 companies, managing family farms, serving as elected officials or promoting equality and serving the local community, Sikhs put into action the values that make America great.

NSC’s mission is to ensure that more Americans can immediately recognize and understand who Sikh Americans are, what their faith is all about and how it shapes their significant contributions to American life. In recognition of these efforts, NSC has been awarded in 2018 a PR Week Award, the highest honor in the PR and marketing industry, in the category ‘Best For A Cause’.  

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