Three- generation dance performance created magic on stage

Three- generation dance performance created magic on stage

Chesapeake Virginia (Surinder Dhillon): The Sangeet Sargam of Hampton Roads organized classical Kathak Dance Concert at Hindu Temple of Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia. Hundreds of music lover came to witnessed this amazing event.

Nritya Dhaara artists hailing from the same family representing three different generations grandmother, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and granddaughter created magic on the stage.

Mr. Bidhu Mohanty President of the Sangeet Sargam introduced the artists- Pandita Maneesha Sathe, her daughter and Bay Area’s very own Shambhavi Dandekar, Maneesha ji’s daughter -in-law Tejaswini Sathe and Tejaswini’s daughter and the youngest member of the team, Sarveshwari Sathe.

The concert began with offering respect to revered Lord Nataraj, the cosmic God of dance. The first performance was Tri-Devata Stuti which was an invocation to the dancing Gods from Indian mythology, namely, Ganpati, Shiva and Krishna. The dancers portrayed various attributes and virtues of the Gods through graceful movements and facial expressions. All four dancers took part in this heart -touching performance.

Taal Pancham Swari, a challenging rhythm cycle of 15 beats, was performed by Maneesha Sathe and Shambhavi Dandekar. The youngest performer, Sarweshwari, performed Sargam in Raga Gorakh Kalyan. It was wonderful to see a mere 15-year-old dance with such a passion. Hori performance by all four dancers was an amazing performance (Hori is the Indian Festival of colors). The tradition of playing Hori took us back to the days of Krishna. Shambhavi and Tejaswini presented a composition in Raga Megh. Maneesha Sathe presented her masterpiece Naayika Bhed. Naayika Bhed has a very simple storyline. Three girls with three different temperaments set out to worship God in Temple.

In conclusion of the event, Organizers of the concert acknowledged all the musicians and technicians who have helped in creating the wonderful original music for Nritya Dhaara.

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