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The forgotten warrior “Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan”

The forgotten warrior “Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan”

Malerkotla 26 December (Mamoon Rashid): People born live and die but there are some who succeed to leave their impact and name forever like Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan Nawab of Malerkotla who raised his voice against injustice  done by Suba Sirhand  and in favor of the innocent children when a resolution to brick the innocent children was being passed in Sirhind, when Guru Gobind Singh knew about the bravery of Sher Mohammed Khan he blessed him,  it is also known as (Haa Da Naara), he was the only person who opposed the cruel decision by going against the big empire of the that time so his name is in golden words in Sikh History, and he has his place not only in the history of  the state but the country. His tomb in the city is in miserable condition, this tomb does not have a roof even, and neither the city administration nor archeology department of the state has ever given attention to his tomb till date. People from the city want restoration and maintenance of the tomb so that it can be saved for the coming generations of Malerkotla and they can learn a good lesson from the story of Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan.

 Sabar Hassan a Care taker (Muntazim) of the tomb said that his forefathers  have been taking care of the royal graveyard for last 300 years, he further said that they never received any financial help from the state government for the maintenance and restoration of the tomb and none of the social organization has come forward for the said purpose, he said that Nawab has his name written in Sikh history but none of Sikh organization has ever came forward voluntarily for this noble cause so they are making all arrangements to maintain the Royal graveyard themselves, he appealed state government or Sikh organizations to come forward to maintain the tomb of the Great Nawab of Malerkotla.    

Jathedar Hakam Singh Chakk said that Nawab Sher Mohammed is a respected name for Sikhs living across the World, his tomb should be maintained well, he demanded an Auditorium or any building in the name of Sher Mohammed khan where documentary on the Nawab should be shown and things belonging to him should be kept safe for the coming generations.

Maqsood ul Haq  a social Worker said that Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan can never be forgotten and his tomb should be maintained well as it is a symbol of justice and brotherhood between two communities, he demanded job oriented courses in the institute under the name of Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan so that the students of the city can have good Education and his name could be remembered forever.

Zulfqar Ali Malik former CEO Punjab Wakf Board said that Nawab Sher Mohammed Khan is a respected person for Muslims and Sikhs so his tomb should be maintained well so that our coming generation can learn a lesson of justice and brotherhood as Nawab had given example.

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