Wed. May 22nd, 2019

St.Soldier Elite Convent School Celebrated “Grandparents Day”

St.Soldier Elite Convent School Celebrated “Grandparents Day”

Jandiala Guru 12 October Varinder Singh :- St.Soldier Elite Convent School, Jandiala Guru celebrated “Grandparents Day “. During this function we had Grandparents of the little ones. Very firstly the kids of playpen performed ramp walk as they were dressed up as grandparents. Followed by UKG and 2nd class kids dance on the tunes of “Dadi Amma”, Dadi Amma manjao”. Then students of class 2nd performed a drama that gave a beautiful message that we must respect our elders. Our school also involved grandparents as they played games and enjoyed the function. Grandfathers performed “Bhangra” and Grandmothers performed traditional dance”Giddha” which became the centre of attraction for everyone present. The chief guest for the occasion was the grandparents itself, as this function was dedicated to them.
Master S. Jagtar Singh and S.Piyara Singh attended this function as a special guest. Lastly Managing Director S.Mangal Singh Kishanpuri gave a heartily thanks to all grandparents and gave a special message for reason of organising such program as this is a need of time that our children must be aware of their importance in life and must respect them. Director S.Mangal Singh Kishanpuri, Principal Amarpreet Kaur,CEO Tanveer kaur and jaskanwal singh kahlon, Coordinator Shilpa Sharma, Coordinator Narinderpal Kaur and all the staff members of kindergarten distributed prizes and motivated the children.

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