Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Rich country with poor people

Rich country with poor people

It must be accepted that Hindustan is a rich country because it has got mountains, rivers, jungles, minerals, gas, oil, fertile lands, hard working people, different seasons, rains and a big tradition. And it is on record that we have got a great mythology with us. But all these items could not turn us rich because there had been attacks from outside and most of our wealth had been looted and we had been plundered. The period of history in our country is also not worth noting because these rajas, maharajas, monarchs had been busy in expansion of their regimes and were also busy in having so many wives and were enjoying life at the cost of the people. On the whole there had been no planning, no schemes, no principles which could afford prosperity to the people of Hindustan.

And it is on record that common man had always been ignored and all we see had started with the coming in power of the British and they too started ruling here and all they did was just to keep their rule alive. We had some hopes that this independence and this democracy shall bring prosperity to the people, but on the whole the present rule is also being run as per the British traditions and there is nothing new which could bring prosperity tot he people of Hidnustan. There are reports that the present system too is allowing the rich turning richer and the poor are being reduced to more poverty. But still we have hopes that this r5ich country shall bring prosperity to each one of us, provided we elect proper people for our august houses.

Dalip Singh wasan
101- Vikas Colony, Patiala=punjab-India

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