Sat. Sep 14th, 2019

Punjab’s pay push

Punjab’s pay push

                  The employees of the state of Punjab have been waiting for the report of Punjab Pay Commission since January,  2016 and they had been waiting for dearness allowanced since that date.  At one stage some enhancement had been given to them to cover the period of Pay Commission Report.  And now the state has allowed the employees benefits of Central Pay Commission and people around are of th34e view that all has been done just to have benefits in elections of 2019.  It is correct that the employees are a big portion in population and since they are educated win of society, they have influence on others, but in the instant case, and they are getting just a right and nothing extra which can help the ruling party in Punjab.

              It would be better if all the states must accept suggestions and r34commendations of Central Pay Commission and should not waste time, energy and resou5rces on their own Pay Commission.  We are one and we must be treated one in the country and time has come when even recommendations be accepted and operated in private sector too to maintain the concept of equality enshrined in our Constitution.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate

101-C vikas Colony,


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