Punjabi Festival of Teeyan Teej is a Resounding Success in the National Capital Region

Punjabi Festival of Teeyan Teej is a Resounding Success in the National Capital Region

VIRGINA , August 29 ( Raj Gogna)— Two Mounth before In McLean High school , Virginia, August 04, 2018 – The 7th edition of Mela Teeyan Teej, a popular festival for ladies, organized by Punjabi Woman Culture Association (PWCA), in the Washington area, was a resounding success. Mela Teeyan Teej is the only event in the DMV area that is for women, run by women, and organized by women. The annual event drew over 1,200 women and girls, clad in colorful attire, to the McLean High School festive with Gidha and Bhangra dances, Boliyan (couplets), Mrs. and Miss. Teeyan Punjaban, henna, Indian cuisine and shopping. Among the highlights was a Miss/Mrs Teeyan Punjaban contest. We are so proud to have Miss Punjaban Saanvi Makhija , Mrs Punjaban Aanchal Jalota, and Senior Mrs.Teeyan Ranjeet Manku. The judges crowned the beautiful and talented winners. We have three judges, the first one is all the way from New Jersey, Juhi Jagiasi. The second judge was last year’s Miss Teeyan winner, Monica Ahuja. And the third judge was previously a judge on Dance USA Dance DC and was crowned Miss India, Nikkitasha Marwaha.

Mela Teeyan Teej had international dance teams perform this year. DC Bhangra Crew came and gave a thrilling performance, VSB Nishani gave a beautiful bhangra performance with their younger girls, And Dhiyan Punjab Dhiyan Giddha gave a folk performance with live boliyan and dholki. PWCA also donated a $500 check to Dhiyan Punjab Dhiyan so they can continue to flourish and grow. PWCA is a firm believer in helping the community and to make sure talent is being supported.
Some renowned singers sang some beautiful punjabi song. Narinder Maavi, famous Youtube singer, sang traditional folklores. And Rani Paras, from Houston Texas, sang Punjab’s hits like Laung Laachi and was a showstopper and concluded the eventful Mela. PWCA honored Rani Paras with a beautiful Phulkari.

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