Sun. Jul 14th, 2019

People in industry and in commerce are declared as public servants

People in industry and in commerce are declared as public servants

All must accept that the wealth in the country belongs to public of the country and they are the masters and all those who are elected, appointed or are working in industry, commerce and other institutions are Public Servants because they are working for the nation.

the people who are in industry and in commerce and are holding big companies are also working for the people and they are using public money which belongs to share holders and deposited by the public in banks. They are producing items for public use and not consuming the articles themselves and the money they hold is for establishing industries and units of commerce for service of the people. They are not owners of money they hold, but it is for reutilization in industry and in commerce and their personal consumptions is limited and should not be more than common people, who are real masters of the country. And when we had introduced the concept of Socialism in our Constitution, we must declare all people in industry and in commerce as Public Servants and common rules of Good Conduct should also be applicable on them. Let our people think on this point and if need be, we should introduce an Article in our Constitution.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate
101-C vikas Colony,

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