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Organ donation is not as par requirement: Dr. Kaushal

University will try to include organ donation awareness in the syllabus of Human Value Course: Registrar

Jalandhar/ Kapurthala, September 21, 2016: Not even half of the organs are being donated as per the requirement in the country. Kidney, Liver, Heart and Cornea are mainly included in it. From Prime Minister to Central and even State Governments have came forward to achieve this goal, so that death of one person in an accident can save another life. The death of a family member is very painful but still that family will feel proud that their kin has saved another’s life even after death. These views were expressed by Additional Professor of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMR) Chandigarh and Nodal Officer ROTTO Dr. Vipin Kaushal.

He was the Chief Guest at IK Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKG PTU) in one day “Organ Donation Awareness Program”. This program was organized by university for all the NSS coordinators of the affiliated colleges so that through NSS, awareness regarding organ donation can be spread in the country.

With the reference of the figures, Dr. Kaushal told that every year, almost one lakh 80 thousand cases of kidney transplant are registered in the country but only 6 thousand people donate their kidneys every year. In the same way, the demand of liver transplant is 30 thousand every year, but only 1500 liver are donated every year. The demand for heart transplant is 50 thousand every year but only 15 people donate their heart every year. Cornea demand is one lakh every year but only 25 thousand people donate it every year.

Dr. Kaushal said that more demand than supply of organs is increasing the crime of organ transplant in the country. If we assure organ donation like blood donation in the country then the crime related to health system will also be less and people will be able to get new life. He appealed everybody that they should get themselves registered on the website of Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (ROTTO) and get more information. ROTTO consultant Saryu D. Madra also addressed the program.

Presiding over the program, Registrar IKGPTU Dr. Amanpreet Singh proposed to take the matter seriously and said that University will also try to include this issue in the syllabus of Human Value Course. Assistant Sports Director Dr. S.S. Randhawa presented vote of thanks and stage was conducted by Sanjeev Sharma.

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