One day visit organised by Mohindra College for Students


One day visit organised by Mohindra College for Students

Department of Agriculture, Govt. Mohindra College, Patiala, organized one day visit of students of B.Sc. Agriculture (IVth year) to Chattbir, Banur and Herbal Garden, Malla on 29th March 2017. Students were given information about the wild species of plants and animals. In addition to this students received useful information about the conservation of biodiversity and medicinal value of plants. They also gained knowledge about identifying various species of local flora and fauna.

 Dr. S.S. Thind, Principal, Govt. Mohindra College, Patiala, appreciated the efforts made by the Department of Agriculture to augment the students on the practical aspects along with theoretical knowledge. Dr. Ambika Beri, Incharge, Department of Agriculture said that such visits were essential for the all-inclusive development of the students. Dr. Nisha Sharma, Dr. Shikha Kansal and Prof. Garima Puri accompanied the students.

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