Nectar of Words

Nectar of Words

It has become a tendency in modern days that we speak without thinking much about the words we are going to utter.  We just say whatever comes to our mind. It results in creating more than 50% of the problems in our life. It is our language and speech which leaves an impression on people’s minds. Many of the conflicts in relationships could be solved with a nice and sweet talk but we do not do so because we do not spend much time on thinking what to say and what not to. Well, it was a usual day, I was checking my social media account and was replying to the comments posted on my photo shared last night. It was taken at a friend’s reception party. Suddenly one of my online friends commented, “It is high time you should get married and post photos of your own wedding. You are really getting aged for it.”  This comment made me little annoyed, but I did not respond because I knew the answer afterwards. On another such occasion, someone commented to my colleague that she must not eat so much as she is getting fat day by day. I was literally shocked by such comment. The problem is not with the comments but the response after you react to these. “Oh, I was kidding!” “Oh come on, I was joking.” By saying so, it has become so easy to get along after passing such reckless comments. We just say what we feel like to say or humiliate someone without thinking about the impact of such words on the minds of others. In all this, we have completely forgotten what was taught to us in childhood, “Think before you speak, look before you leap.” We are suggested that we should first listen to the words we want to utter in our mind if it sounds pleasant to us only then we should say it aloud otherwise remain quiet. Our elders have always said that words are so powerful that these can make an enemy your friend and a friend your foe. To learn the value and importance of correct words at right time, we should go through the story of ‘Bitter Mystic”

Once upon a time, in ancient India there lived a mystic. He was very powerful but he had a flaw- he was bitter in his language as he had the habit to speak without thinking about his words. One day he was travelling through a town and visited a small house for food. It was a one-room house with small courtyard and a narrow main gate. The house belonged to a religious minded old lady, who was living alone with her two cows. These cows were her livelihood. On seeing the mystic, the lady was joyed and invited the mystic inside the house. After washing hands of mystic and giving water to drink, she left for the kitchen to prepare some food for the ‘yogi’. After thinking a lot, she decided to make rice pudding which is considered good for religious feasts. While she was cooking for him, the mystic was looking around the house. He observed that the lady is living alone and she has two healthy and fat cows but the door is narrow. It is impossible to take cows out from the house through the gate. Thinking of this, he asked the lady that how she will manage if her cows died as she is alone, she cannot drag the cows and if she dragged them, but she cannot take the cows out of the house because the door of the house is narrow. In this case, the lady has to first break down the outer wall of the house then she can take the dead cows out. On listening to such bitter words, the lady rushed out of the kitchen with the pot of half cooked rice pudding. In the fit of anger, she poured the half-cooked food into the bundle of the mystic and asked him to leave. Now, the mystic realized his mistake and bitterness of his words. But the time was gone, so he left quietly. It was difficult to carry his bundle which was filled with hot rice and milk but he could not throw it away on streets as it was against his teachings to waste food. So he held it on distance and started walking. Hot milk was dripping from the bundle. He kept walking in search of food that he could eat. On his way, everyone asked him, “What is wrong? What is dripping from your bundle?” To this, he replied, “It is the nectar of words.” He was regretting about his questions to the old lady. If he would have thought before saying such bad things to her, he would have been respected by her and served with food. But now he was carrying the half cooked rice-pudding with him and was subjected to the mockery of people. He was cursing himself for his bad habit of speaking without thinking.

In short, it is crucial for a human to socialize and develop relations with others. In order to nurture them, we need to speak well and share ideas with others. Our selection of words decide the outcome of our conversations If we speak well and nice to people, they will love us else they will avoid us. Thus, before voicing out our thoughts, we must evaluate its consequences and meaning so that a friend remains a friend and an enemy also becomes our friend with our polite and sweet communication.

Gagandeep Kaur / ਗਗਨਦੀਪ ਕੌਰ

Assistant Professor/ ਸਹਾਇਕ ਪ੍ਰੋਫੈਸਰ
Chandigarh University/ ਚੰਡੀਗੜ ਯੂਨੀਵਰਸਿਟੀ
Gharuan/ ਘੜੂੰਆਂ

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