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Murders and Gangsters can’t be Called Freedom Fighters of Punjab

Murders and Gangsters can’t be Called Freedom Fighters of Punjab

Washington, D.C July 17 (Raj Gogna )— Sikh hardliners and sympathizers of separatist movement in India under the banner of Sikh Federation (UK) had gathered together in Geneva on May 4 to hold a protest rally in support of militants arrested in India.
Interestingly, most of the so called protestors have a history of their involvement in some or other terrorist activity in India before fleeing to other countries to take shelter by lying to their respective governments about the human right abuses in India.
This time they had gathered in support of HarminderSingh Mintoo, who recently died due to cardiac arrest in jail, Jagtar Singh Johal, Gurpreet Singh Gurdaspur, JagtarSingh Tara and Gurdev Singh Jajja.
Nabha jail escapee and self-styled chief of Khalistan Liberation Force Harminder Mintoo had over ten terrorism related cases in Punjab and other places. He was arrested in November 2014 by the Punjab Police from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi on his return from Thailand.
Jagtar Singh Johal was arrested last year for his alleged connection with a spate of targeted killings of Hindu leaders including Jagdish Gangneja in 2016, Ravinder Gosain in October 2017 and pastor Sultan Masihin July 2017. Police are of view that Johal was behind these murders and was also providing funds and arranging arms for Khalistan Liberation Force.
Jagtar Singh Tara was the mastermind of former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh’s assassination and is in police custody.
Other two Gurpreet Singh Gurdaspur and GurdevSingh Jajja were also deported from Thailand on various charges.
A Sikh Federation release called them Sikh freedom fighters and Sikh activists adding that the main focus of the rally was to call for UN action against India for the killing of Harminder Singh.
However, neither the Sikh Federation nor other Sikhs hardliners talks about the crimes committed by them including heinous crimes like murder etc.

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