MS Gill takes on Cong, flays appointment


MS Gill takes on Cong, flays appointment


New Delhi, Former Union Minister MS Gill today openly questioned the appointment of Kamal Nath as AICC general secretary for Punjab, saying the move rubbed salt on the wounds of victims of the 1984 riots.

The former Rajya Sabha member said 32 years after the tragedy, the community was yet to see a meaningful apology from those at the helm (read the Congress).
Gill, who was sports minister in the Congress-led UPA Government, took a stand opposite to his party which defended Nath saying every commission probing the riots had cleared him of an alleged role in the killings. Gill, however, questioned the credibility of these commissions saying these “only served to cover-up.”
Gill also spoke of lack of meaningful apology from the Congress leadership on this highly emotive issue involving the Sikh community.

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