Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Major conspiracy Behind Murder of Charanjeet Singh 

Major conspiracy Behind Murder of Charanjeet Singh

NEWYORK,June 3 (Raj Gogna )—YADA USA President Amandeep Singh indicated about major conspiracy behind Charanjeet Singh murder. Charanjeet Singh was a Sikh human right activist and was a strong supporter of Sikh Muslim unity. Charanjeet Singh had exposed propaganda  by Indian State of Sikhs forcely being converted into Islam. He stated Sikhs are more safe then Indian State in Pakistan because Pak had never demolished Sikh Gurudwaras neither committed genocide of Sikhs. While India had also demolished Sikh holiest shrine The Golden  Temple and the supreme Sikh throne Shri Akal Takhth Sahib in 1984 and also committed genocide of Sikhs in which thousand of Sikhs were killed in various parts of India.
Amandeep said Indian State was full of anger against Charanjeet after he had exposed India’s propaganda and also exposed Hindu terrorism towards minorities  in India. Therefore surely there is a major conspiracy due to which Charanjeet Singh was shot dead. Amandeep demanded high level investigation in Charanjeet Singh murder case so that truth can come in front of world and the culprits could be punished.
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