Life Is Struggle : Ranjit Rana


Life Is Struggle : Ranjit Rana

Life is a struggle. Without struggle no one can achieve success in any area of any profession. If a person faces many difficulties in  his life and continue the struggle then he can reach the top of his destination. so one such example is singer Ranjit Rana.

Now, Ranjit Rana made his identity in the music industry. In the field of music today, a lot of singers who sang different types of songs. But who works hard and with knowledge can be counted on the fingers. Born in a simple family Ranjit Rana has made his name worldwide with strong voice.

He grew up playing in the streets of kultham a village in Phagwara district. When he sings, the audience will be surprised, this is the biggest achievement of his life. As Rana sang good as he is a very good person.

He took his primary education in his village primary school and 12th class was done at Dosanjh kalan school. After this, he have done his graduation from S.N collage Banga.

For the education of music, Dosanjh kalan principal of the school, Haridutt Sharma, Sent him to Professor Balbir Singh in Nawanshashar and he learned the skills of the genre from him. Regarding singing he said that he loves singing from his childhood.

If there is a music environment in the family, then some members of the house would have to run on the steps of the heirs. So was the atmosphere in music in the maternal family and he also got music from his maternal.

Talking about the law of music, Ranjit Rana said that formally, he wiped his maternal uncle ‘Sardar Mohammad’  (Patiala Gharana) as his own guru(teacher). First of all, he learned to play the dholak in his childhood, then to teach after learning Harmonium. Because of musical guidance given by him, he successed creating d competitive identity in his musical era. He says that as well as learning from these he lives in an attempt to learn everything, wherever he gets to learn. He further said that the music had so much effect on his soul that music become his soul diet.

Speaking about the journey in music, the singer Rana said that at the age of 10, he sang his first song in Jalandhar Doordarshan programme ‘Jhilmil Taare’ and then he became a part of every programme which was broadcasted on Jalandhar Doordarshan. In 1999, his debut album ‘Asi Tere Nal Nachna’ was released. After this, the second Album ‘Sada Dil Beyiman’ came in the market, the song in which ‘Sadian Tabhiyan kehre Khate Vich Payegi’  which was composed by Debi Makhsuspuri and the song written by the Sukhpal Aujla ‘Hath Jod Ke Khende Chete Aya Na Kar Ni’  was superhit. With this song Ranjit Rana stood up in the Forefront the renowned singers, with which his courge became  even more prominent and his thinking for work began to be more mature.

After this, the songs of his next album, ‘Kde Tenu Vi Ae Sai Yaad Ayi’,  ‘koi Dil Di gal Vi Dsegi’ song becom famous worldwide.

After there, ‘Jande Sajan Nu’, Painde Rehan Bhulekhe’, Jhanjran Na Judiyan’, Bhulda ni Cheta Phagware Shahar Da’, Din Langde Ne Kidda’ , ‘Dhokha’ , ‘Dil Cho Bhulona’ , ‘Leek’ , ‘Ykeen’, ‘Parchawa’, ‘Bhaine’, ‘Jano Pyariye’ , ‘Har Pal’ , ‘Yaari’ , ‘Valayat’, ‘Afsos’ , ‘ Holi’  and countless songs gave him immense love and today every song of Ranjit Rana is on the tongue of the Punjabi Audience.

Ranjit Rana sang beat songs of romance, romantic and sad songs but the audience loved his sad songs more. Because of his sound and loud voice, where he never made his listeners to feel frustrated, in film ‘Heer And Hero’s song named ‘Hole Holi Pyar’ fulfilled the audience’s expectations.

A part from this, his religious albums ‘Aisa Chau Raj Main’,  Terian Tu Jaane’ ,  ‘Aaja Aaja Datiye’ etc. all were loved by the audience. Talking about the unforgettable memories of his musical journey, Ranjit Rana said, “I remember when I was 8 years old, then was the programme of village Kuldeep Manak Ji. Then i sang his song ‘Eh Duniya Dhokhebaza Di’ on the stage, so as a blessing, he gave me twenty rupees on the stage and said, oh man! I was still to sing, you had to make an impact first, which was an important moment of happiness for me.

Once upon a time,  a Pakistan’s famous sufi singer Bibi Reshma came to sing with Sharif Durbar without any equipment. When he was young, he was shouting dholak with Bibi Reshma. She was surprised to see him with dholakn So then the Data Saheb Ahmand Zardare Sharif also blessed him with playing and singing, which is an ‘unforgettable memory’ of his musical journey. He has worked with many reputed music companies,renowned musicians, video directors and reputed singers in the singing journey.

In Ashok Sharma music ,the solo track ‘Rola’ which was compiled by Binder Birk and sang the dubet song ’42 Parche’ with his nephew ‘ Ravill Shah’ which was liked by the audience very will. He said that the fans today have become wiser and know how to test good and bad.

Soon, his new tracks are being released, written by ‘Debi Makhsuspuri’ and ‘Shafi Jalbehra’. In his musical journey Debi Makhsuspuri plays an important role. He told that whenever he recorded the song written by Debi Makhsuspuri in any of his albums, he acknowleged that song as the blessings of Debi. While talking about the current singing Ranjit Rana further said that they are far from the abusive singing.

Ranjit is so far from that singers who sang abusive songs in Punjabi music industry. His name is among the few other artists who, instead of flowing through time, choose the path for themselves which is not only difficult, is risky too.

If you sing some good then the audience gives you so muck respect and dignity. Due to his good singing, Ranjit Rana is loved by his fans. He said the song is less common but the role of man is of greater important. So, every song which is sang by Ranjit Rana is, the character of himself.

So, Ranjit Rana is a boon for the Punjabi singing. We will pray for his better future.

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