Lecturers Demand review Promotion Quote “


Lecturers Demand review Promotion Quote “

Mukatsar Sahib: The Government Schools Lecturers Dal has now come forward for review of the promotion quota by the Punjab Education Department, for headmasters, vocational masters and lecturers which is presently inappropriate as per the numerical strength of respective cadres.

The Punjab School Education Department is already under litigation over the reversion orders of 168 Principals giving a reference of High Court, followed by stay of High Court with Notice of Motion for December 12, 2016.

Presently, there are 2115 posts of Principals in 1742 Senior Secondary Schools and 373 new schools upgraded in 2016 to be filled from three categories of teachers. The present strength of lecturers is around 10,000, 450 headmasters and 500 vocational masters/lecturers in Punjab.

As per 2004 rules of Punjab Education Department, 55 per cent posts of Principals are allotted to lecturers, 30 percent for headmasters and 15 per cent for vocational masters.

Speaking to this correspondent, VIJAY GarG Lecturers Dal said, the present ratio to consider for promotion from three different categories is totally inappropriate as per the numerical strength of respective cadre.

He said, in 2014, government passed the cabinet decision to Amend 2004 rules to correct the above distribution and allotted 75 per quota for lecturers, 10 per cent for headmasters and 15 per cent for Vocational Masters.  But due to corrupt system and inexplicable reasons, the above decision of the Cabinet has been delayed for the past 32 months since February 2014, with one or the other reason.

Joining with member Dr Haribhajan said, Now the lecturer’s quota seat for promotion to lecturer cadre are lying vacant.  Vocational masters have qualification of 10th Plus One or two years diploma only whereas lecturers are M.A. B.Ed.  But unfortunately the system is so corrupt and biased that lecturers with 23 years of service are still waiting for promotion.

The  Dal leaders said, there is a great resentment among the lectures waiting for their promotion with long length of service and urged the government to immediate convene a meeting of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) for lecturers and do justice based on the facts and figures to avoid any further litigation.

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