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Kathunangal School’s Electricity Snapped for Non-Payment of Bill

Kathunangal School’s Electricity Snapped for Non-Payment of Bill

Former Minister and MLA Mr. Bikram Majithia Pays Bill from His own Pocket

Amritsar, May 20, 2018: Taking a dig at the Congress government in the state for ignoring the basic facilities in the schools, former Cabinet Minister and MLA Mr. Bikram Singh Majithia today gave money from his own pockets to restore electricity at Government Primary School, Kathunangal near Amritsar. The power supply to the school was snapped by Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) following the non-payment of the bills.
Majithia in whose constituency the school falls swung into action the moment he was apprised of the pitiable condition of the school children as they were being forced to sit under the tree and study. The select media reports also indicated that the small kids were taking their classes in the open under the present harsh summer conditions and the teachers and the Principal of the School were helpless as the fans were not working.
Hitting hard at the government he said the present regime reimbursed bills of Congress leaders to the tune of Rs. 84 lakhs but they do not have meager amounts for the school children.
Majithia arranged about Rs.10,000 from his own pocket and sent his staff members to pay the bill online and he hoped that the electricity will be restored by Monday for the school. “It is pathetic condition as the present government is in slumber and they do not care to release the funds for payments of such important bills. The intense heat wave is going on and it pitiable to see the children taking classes in the open under a tree”, said Mr. Majithia in a press statement issued here.
 He rued that the present government has earlier closed down 800 elementary schools in state and most of these were from border district of Amritsar. “Out of Amritsar, Majitha was most affected”. He said the paucity of funds are all due to lack of priorities set by the Congress government for the education. “I fails to understand what this government is for if it can not provide the basic facilities in schools. So the Education Department must wake up from the slumber and take action”, he lamented adding that the children of poor strata of society study in these schools and they are the most affected.
 The Principal and staff member from the school meanwhile complained that even though the fans were installed those are not working for want of power supply which was disconnected by the electricity department as the education department has not paid bill dues for the last a few months.
He said the school education was at the high priority during the last SAD BJP government in the state but the Congress regime is paying scant attention to the most important area of governance which is education.He said the needy section of society send their wards to government schools the most.
“The government must realize that it is their duty to pay such bills. The schools which are such problems should be identified state-wide and corrective measures be immediately taken’’, said Mr, Majithia adding that the government cannot shy away from its basic duty of providing fundamental amenities in the schools

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