Mon. May 20th, 2019

Jesse and CJ shall be picked up by Trump

Jesse and CJ shall be picked up by Trump


Washington DC( Raj Gogna)The sikh community is hoping immensely that Trump shall pick these two personalities who have done utmost in president election. No doubt the day they join campaign of the Trump every body was mad but their firm role and sincere efforts make a big que among south Asian of Sikh and Muslim. Even few of made bet on Trump victory but they all were miserable fail against Trump followers.
Now everybody had eye on Trump that he should pick Sikh and Muslim from their followers. He did start well by taking Nikki Haili in his team who having sikhi back ground but people are hoping that Jesse singh and Sajid Tarar must be included in their team . Both community leaders have spent their valuable time from pillar to post and made stand their community with Trump. The Asian media also played a great role from the day one.
The campaign was well covered by punjabi media and introduced Trump policies and their attitude to make America great. Under the presidentship of Trump the jobs, relations to other country, manufacturing, development and businesses will grow fast. Only illegal people are mad but they have right to apply.
Those who do not pay taxes and having criminal background are the sufferers . No body can tolerate rather no one accept them. The community strongly appeal to the Trump team that Muslim and Sikh shall become part and parcel of Trump team which is soon announced by their advisors.

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