Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

India may soon grow pulses in Mozambique and Myanmar: minister

India may soon grow pulses in Mozambique and Myanmar: minister

India has said that it could soon grow pulses in Mozambique and Myanmar amid steep rise in its prices and that of some fruits and vegetables.

“We may cultivate pulses there or sign a long-term agreement (to procure). For this, we are sending a team to Mozambique and to Myanmar,” Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan told a local TV channel.

Admitting that the production of pulses has declined in India, the minister said Saturday: “It has been happening since the last three years that the monsoon has affected the production of pulses.”

Pulses are staple diet for Indians, but their prices have skyrocketed to Rs 200 (3 U.S. dollars) per kg, sending many households in a tizzy.

The prices of some fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes have also surged in the last 10 days and the Indian government has been criticised for failing to control the price rise.


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