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GNDU Professor participated  in international conference

GNDU Professor participated  in international conference

Amritsar, December14: Dr Vikram Chadha, a senior professor at Punjab School of Economics, Guru Nanak Dev University was recently invited to present his research paper on the theme, “How Adequately Prepared India is to Negotiate the Challenges of Fourth Industrial Revolution– A Representative Case Study of the Quality and Employability of Technical Manpower in India’s ICT Sector”, at the 8th IIMS International Conference on the theme, The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges, at Bangkok, Thailand, during 26-29 November 2018. The paper was co-authored by Dr. Heena Sachdeva, Assistant Professor in the School. Dr. Chadha was also designated as Guest-of-Honour at the Conference.

            In his presentation, Dr. Chadha contended that the Fourth Industrial Revolution would encompass areas like robotics; biotechnology; retrievable rockets; genomics; cloud computing; 3D Printing and so on, all of which would require highly skilled and professional manpower. But taking support from his empirical study of the technical workforce in India’s ICT sector, it was emphasized that inspite of a large stock of technically trained manpower groomed in India, its employability level is too low. It is because of the outdated structure of instructions and teaching and research infrastructure that our employability skills are not consistent with the requirements of modern industry. So the poor employability of India’s technical manpower would pose a challenge for optimally utilizing the opportunities thrown up by the oncoming fourth industrial revolution.

        The Conference was jointly organized by, IIMS, Kolkata; Siam Technology College, Bangkok; AIS, New Zealand; University Teknologi Mara, Malaysia; Cavite State University, Philippines; Xuzhou University of Technology, China; Shin Chien University, Taiwan; and Australian Academy of Commerce, Australia.

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