Fri. May 24th, 2019

GNDU organized a Public lecture on soft skills

GNDU organized a Public lecture on soft skills

Amritsar August 10: GNDU Talkies of Guru Nanak Dev University organized its fifth (first in 2018-2019 session) UNTANGLE event in seminar hall of Chemistry Department. The public lecture titled “SOFT SKILLS” was delivered by Mrs. Ritu Goyal (Ex soft skill trainer and TPO). A large number of students participated.

The speaker talked about the existing mismatch between the skills expected by professionals and the ones possessed by students passing out of the college. Her lecture threw light on some of the most important and ironically the most ignored skills which are vital for the personal and professional success of a college/university student. She also apprised the students about the five indispensable factors that influence the recruitment and selection process. After the lecture interaction session was held with Mrs. Goyal.

Dr. Venus Singh Mithu, , Secretary, GNDU Talkies and Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry said that the Idea of UNTANGLE is to organize lectures and discussions which will provide insight into basics/functioning of concepts/techniques essential to a common man, in a common man’s language.  She said that these public lectures will aim to untangle the myths/confusion associated with the functioning of various organization/professions thus helping students in making an informed decision while opting for any career option.

 Through UNTANGLE, GNDU talkies have organized four lectures in past which focused on Leadership, Indian Army, North-East, and Civil services. This was the first event of GNDU talkies which was organized in collaboration with a departmental student body (The Chemical Society). Members of GNDU talkies (Dr. Venus, Baljinder, Simran, Ekam, and Gaurav) organized the lecture. Members of The Chemical Society (Jasleen, Apoorva, Manisha, Palvi, Vrishty, Zubair, Bhushan) took care of the on-the-spot organization.

More such public lectures focusing on health and nutrition, environment protection, personality development will be organized shortly.

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