GNDU first University of the region to promote Cycling as eco friendly vehicle at its campus vehicle


GNDU first University of the region to promote Cycling as eco friendly vehicle at its campus vehicle

Amritsar July 5:  Guru Nanak Dev University is  shortly plans to introduce bicycles for the students which will make the environment pollution free, also reduce noise pollution This will make the area secure for girl students to access the library & e-Research facilities and also leads to enhanced fitness of the students. The various parking lots for bicycles are being laid and the cycles will be provided on nominal monthly rental of Rs. 199/- or a single trip of Rs. 5/- or a multiple single day trip at Rs.10/-. The cycles are to be maintained and run by a company and will be GPS monitored and will operate through an app. For students who can’t cycle, they will have the privilege of using e-rickshaws. This is the norm in all international universities abroad who have made name in academics and research. A pollution, noise free 24×7 active; safe environment for the students helps university and students to excel in their chosen fields.

             Prof, Karanjeet Singh Kahlon, Registrar said that university is well aware of the financial stress on students, as such despite providing facility of cycles at such nominal rates, it also plan to slash the rates of parking tickets for the students at the two parking being constructed at both entry gates. He said the day parking for the two-wheelers and cars will be reduced from Rs. 10/- to Rs. 5/- and Rs. 20/- to Rs.10/- respectively. These are very nominal rates as compared to the rates being charged for parking at Bus-Stand for two wheelers and car are Rs.18/- and Rs. 35/- respectively. Similarly, the monthly pass for two-wheelers will be reduced from Rs.50/- to Rs.25/- and for four wheelers will be reduced from Rs.100/- to Rs.75/-, he added.

Prof Kahlon said that the students in the hostels will be allowed to park their two wheelers in the hostel complex as being done earlier at the same rates however, they will be requested not to use the vehicles during the 9 to 5 teaching hours of the university. He said that the vehicles parked in the hostels may be used by the students for outside shopping etc. but they will have to use designated routes in the campus so that campus stays safe for the girl students.

            Registrar said that as this idea is innovative and this initiative will have long term affect on the career and health of the students, this concession in the parking is initiative of the university to sensitize the students to use more eco-friendly vehicles and keep environment clean for the coming generations.He said that another major goal of the university to provide secure environment for girls students in campus will also be achieved by this initiative.He said that the university will also be extremely happy if some students buy their own bicycles and ride on their own bicycles in campus

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