Gagandeep Singh, of Washington state, was stabbed by a 19-year-old who thought he was enrolled at Gonzaga


Gagandeep Singh, of Washington state, was stabbed by a 19-year-old who thought he was enrolled at Gonzaga

NEWYORK, August 31 ( Raj Gogna)-yesterday An Indian American cab driver was stabbed to death by a 19-year-old in Idaho on Monday after the two had an argument over destination. According to Bonner County Sheriff’s Office, Jacob Coleman, who is from the Washington state, was denied entry at the Gonzaga University after which an altercation broke between him and university authorities. Coleman reportedly flew from Seattle to Spokane, WA, to start a new semester at Gonzaga, but housing officials sent him back as he was not enrolled as a student.

He hired a cab from the university and reportedly became suicidal during the ride. He asked 22-year-old Indian American Gagandeep Singh to stop near a gas station from where he bought a knife and re-entered the cab.

Coleman wanted Singh to drive him to an imaginary location. After a few minutes into the ride, Singh understood that Coleman was making up the destination. The driver stopped the vehicle and asked the passenger to step out of the car.

Reports said Coleman then stabbed the victim with the knife he purchased earlier. Singh’s brother Balgit Singh told KREM 2 that the victim had called his mother once he realized that Coleman hysteric. The mother advised him to drop him off after ten miles. Nobody heard from him after that conversation and the family called 911 to register a complaint. After not hearing from Singh, his family informed the Bonner County Dispatch to report him missing.

The police found Singh’s body after they traced the location of his phone. They found many unanswered calls and messages in it. The suspect had also sent a message to Singh’s brother “You just f***ing call the cops, it’s not that hard.” “I think my brother was gone by then, long ways by then,” Balgit Singh told KREM 2.

According to police, Coleman was still in the car as they arrived and even surrendered without hesitation. He has been charged with first-degree murder and is held in Bonner County Jail with no bail.

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