Foreign Based Sikh Hate Mongers are Paid to Stoke Separatist Sentiments in Punjab


Foreign Based Sikh Hate Mongers are Paid to  Stoke Separatist Sentiments in Punjab

Raj Gogna: Stating that foreign based Sikh hate mongers are paid to stoke separatist sentiments, former Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC), Secretary Gurbachan Singh Bachan said that it was immaterial to talk about Khalistan. He said there were few paid elements in foreign countries whose job was to take up the issue of Khalistan, if they would come to Punjab and talk about Khalistan then they would themselves realize the truth. “We just need to make people understand about these elements and their motives” he said. A prominent Sikh intellectual Gurbachan Singh questioned about the very existence of Khalistan. “Where this Khlistan will be made when Sikhs themselves are not Kalas (pure), we need to have people with high moral character for that” he said. Quoting example of Pakistan, he said “Look what is happening to Pakistan after it was carved out of united India”. He said there was hardly any development in Pakistan and its economy was crumbling. Denouncing the foreign based Sikh extremists ranting that there was communal tension in Punjab, Bachan Singh said “It is absolutely misguiding propaganda, all communities live in Punjab with harmony, I was here in 1984 which was the worst time in Punjab, even then Hindus and Sikhs lived peacefully, there were no Hindu – Sikh riots” he said adding that since 1984 Punjab has changed drastically towards economic development. He said that injustice was done to Punjab, first in 1947 when it was divided during Indo-Pak partition and then in the name of reorganization of states in 1966 when many regions of Punjab were given to Himachal Pradesh etc.

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