FBI Raised Awareness about Sikhism at State Level


FBI Raised Awareness about Sikhism at State Level

New Haven, October 30( Raj Gogna)- “We should send our children in Law enforcement”- Khalsa. The seminar was organized by F.B.I New Haven office with partnership with ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and New Haven Police office at Albertus Magnus College In New Haven. The event was named “Community,Cops and Culture” and Mr.Pardeep Singh Kaleka Son Of Satwant Singh Kaleka was one of the guest.
Satwant Singh Kaleka served as President Of SIKH Temple of Wisconsin and was gunned down during hate attack on Gurudwara on Aug 5th 2012 in which 6 worshippers lost their lives.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Member Of Commission Of City Plan of Norwich and Sikh Community leader was also invited by FBI. Khalsa was also awarded by FBI Director James Comey recently. Khalsa said “This is a wonderful event which makes us realize that we are all one and it is possible to get transformed ourself and become asset for community”.

Khalsa also honored Pardeep Singh Kaleka and other Sikh law enforcement officers and encouraged their parents that they have done wonderful job by sending their daughters in this field.

On this event Arno Michaelis also shared his experience and how he transformed himself.

In the late 1980′s and early 1990′s, Arno Michaelis was a founding member of what went on to become the largest racist skinhead organization on Earth, a reverend of a self-declared “Racial Holy War,” and lead singer of the hate-metal band Centurion, which sold 20,000 CDs by the mid-nineties and is still popular with racists today.

Arno said “what mistake I made I don’t want anyone else to make”. Charles Grady FBI outreach program specialist pulled up this event with help of agencies like ADL etc. Senator Richard Blumenthal also came to encourage everyone who showed up in this event. Officer Mario Castro from Norwich Police department have presentation about Ecuador and how it is different from America.

Amarjit Singh presenter for Department of Justice also participated in this event.

Lieutenant Manmeet Colon from New Haven Police Department who is first Punjabi and Sikh serving in Connecticut Police department also shared her experiences. Noorpreet Kaur Sidhu also joined in this event and she is the first Sikh in FBI office in Connecticut State.

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