Dubai Police warns VPN users of scams


Dubai Police warns VPN users of scams

November 16, Mansa (Navjeet Singh Sran) Dubai police has said some VPN users are being scammed by hackers when they download bogus applications that appeared to genuine.

Colonel Salim Bin Salem, Deputy Director of cyber crime department, said officers have been trawling app stores for suspicious VPNs that are designed to steal personal data from users.

The authorities have discussed the use of VPNs in recent years but the act of using a VPN service is not illegal for either personal users or businesses.

If the VPN is used to access illegal material online, however, then the use of the service becomes an offence.

Police would not name any of the suspect VPN services.

He said,” Many smart phone users download VPN applications for many reasons, like watching in appropriate sites or to make calls using blocked applications.

“But they need to be careful. Recently, we have noticed many applications can hack to your system and steal your personal data like videos and pictures. Then that could be used to blackmail the person”.

He continued,” Hackers upload the applications onto stores using fake accounts”. Then they put of lots of positive comments about the applications to con the users into thinking its secure applications.

“But in fact it’s a tool to hack to hack the phone, steal data and get access to email account and through that banking details.”

“People must be careful when they use VPN”.

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