Drug Addiction Awareness Lecture and DNA Day held at GNDU


Drug Addiction Awareness Lecture and DNA Day held at GNDU

Amritsar, May 2: The Department of Human Genetics under the bastion of The Drug Addiction Awareness Committee, organized an Interactive session-cum-lecture Conducted by Dr. Jaswinder Singh from Amrit Drug De- addiction Research Foundation on April 25 at Guru Nanak Dev University.Faculty members, visitors from various neighboring schools and some school students from the campus took part in the event.

The lecture was aspired to enlighten the destructive effects of habit of drugs and how they effect one’s mental and physical health. “In reality, drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting usually takes more than good intentions or a strong will” Dr. Jaswinder Singh Said.

     He said that “activities like yoga, meditation, exercise or therapy can help out when life gets rough” He added that “it can become easier to desire pills or drugs to relieve the pain, especially if you have an addictive personality, in that case seeking help could set you on a path to both a happier life and a better ability to resist drugs.

At last he presesnted a vote of thanks to the university for the programme and said that he will be ready to conduct events like these in the future.

Meanwhile, the Department of Human Genetics under the aegis of the Society of Human Genetics organized an Open House on DNA Day to create awareness about Human Genetics and Genomics. The event witnessed a footfall of 300 visitors; 260 students from 12 different prestigious Senior Secondary Schools of the Holy City besides the campus students from different departments of the University and some parents. The visitors had interaction with faculty and students. They visited the research labs and were explained about role of genetics in health and disease. Some activities related to genetic traits/conditions were performed by the visitors. The scope of Human Genetics, its career and prospects were explained to the visitors and a documentary was screened to augment it.

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