Don’t take everything too seriously


Don’t take everything too seriously

We all are in the habit of deep thinking about things, situations or people. It lands us in difficult situations sometimes and embarrassing as well. It is our tendency to go on thinking about one aspect of the given situation and in this whole process of deep analysis, the other side is always ignored and as result, we get into more troubles than the earlier. You might be thinking that how can deep thinking cause trouble for oneself. Yes, it can because often when we are thinking about one particular situation, we go with the flow of ideas and these ideas are always based on our perception or past experiences. Such ideas block our holistic approach towards the situation and we travel on the voyage of our perceptions which create an incomplete and inaccurate image of the things. As it is said by elders,” Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Similarly, single point of view about one thing is also dangerous. Often it happens that in the flood of our own assumptions, we forget about the real situation and react according to our imagination. You might be getting confused with this, allow me to explain a situation. Rahul is the in charge of a new project for the company and has a complete team to work with but few more people are needed for this project so that it could be done without any fail. He went to the office like always but it was a different day because yesterday he met with someone whom he found little suspicious. After small introductory talk one of his friends got to know that the stranger guy belonged to his older organisations, they got familiar and started discussions on their individual experiences. As he had little and incomplete information about the current project for which he came, it made Rahul suspicious about this sudden visit. Today, as always he discussed his doubts with other friends and they cleared them, but even after that, the stranger was hovering over his thoughts. He started working like always and his friends, they also got engaged in the present project. Then he realised his friends were discussing something very softly, it made him feel conscious about his own presence in the room. Now, this consciousness was triggered by his own imagination about the situation. As he was discussing yesterday’s event with them this morning, it carried him in the same direction and he started assuming that they might want to discuss the visit of the stranger but couldn’t feel comfortable in doing so in his presence as he didn’t like him. On the other side, this perception totally blurred the ideas that they might be conscious that he was doing some urgent work and they kept their voices low so that it doesn’t distract him. Because a situation was assumed in a certain way, it changed the whole situation. By thinking deeply about the certain normal situation, it was turned into a very serious one because it was based on assumptions based on past experience. Thinking so, he suddenly told them that he was leaving them alone as he feels they are uncomfortable in discussing ideas in his presence. The moment it was said, it changed everything into a very different situation as they felt hurt because they were thinking too deeply about my comfort and he was upset because he felt he was disturbing them.

In the whole situation, none was right or wrong, the thing that caused it all was deep thinking and no discussion. Both of the people assumed the situation and reacted accordingly but they forgot to look on the other side of the situation. If instead of taking things too deeply, both have been doing things normally, the casual situation would have been casual not a serious one like in the story. So in short, when we take things too seriously than the actual situation, it always brings trouble rather than solutions.

Gagandeep Kaur
Assistant Professor
Chandigarh University

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