Congress will meet its Waterloo in Punjab: Dal Khalsa


Congress will meet its Waterloo in Punjab: Dal Khalsa

HOSHIARPUR: As Congress has rubbed salt on the simmering wounds of Sikhs by appointing one of the perpetrator of Nov 1984 genocide as in charge of its Punjab Unit, it is the moral duty of every justice-seeker Sikh to ensure that Congress meets its Waterloo in this Sikh dominated state.

This was stated by Dal Khalsa former head Harcharnjit Singh Dhami while commenting on the appointment of Kamal Nath as Punjab’s in charge of the Congress party.

He took a dig at those Sikhs, who were leaning towards parties whose hands were soaked with blood of innocent fellow brethren. Instead of crying and complaining, the Sikh people should give Congress a befitting reply to its recent onslaught, he said and added that we should not forget that the then Congress central leadership led by Rajiv Gandhi orchestrated the anti-Sikh killings in Delhi and elsewhere in Nov 1984.

Commenting on Parkash Singh Badal’s statement that Congress has inflicted new insult to old injury, he said ironically Akali Dal was no different from Congress as both have provided safe heavens to killers of Sikhs in their fold.

He questioned Badal as to why he has accommodated human rights violator former DGP Izhar Alam in his party. He said theirs group strongly believe that if tomorrow after retirement DGP Sumedh Singh Saini will seek post in Akali Dal, Badal would readily agree to adjust him at appropriate level.

He said the Sikhs of Punjab needs to bring their act together if they want to teach the perpetrators a hard lesson. Dhami said that our community was passing through very difficult times and an uncertain and instable political situation was prevailing in this region.

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