COMMUNITY RECEPTION FOR MODI by the America community set a land mark for Indian community

COMMUNITY RECEPTION FOR MODI by the America community set a land mark for Indian community

Washington DC ( Raj Gogna)Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a rousing reception from the Indian community in Washington. People from other places like Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis and New York- just to name a few – also joined them. His presence seemed to have energized his base in this part of the world. During his address to the community he received a prolonged ovation. Many in the audience started chanting “Modi, Modi.” The Sikh community of the Metropolitan Washington Area went out of its way to greet the Prime Minister. The community was represented by the likes of Jesse Singh, Surindar Pal Gill, Baljinder singh Shammi, Kanwajit singh soni , Atama singh ,Surinder Singh Raheja , Dr Adapa Parsad, Amar singh Malhi, Dr Sakhsaria,puneet Ahuluwalia, Dr Suresh Gupta and Pawan bejwara.

Mr. Modi arrived in Washington at a time when the capital city is quite busy before the long 4th of July holiday and President Donald Trump is being investigated for possible wrongdoing. On Monday the Prime Minister will meet with the President. The local press has termed the meeting as “A meeting of the titans”. Most likely it is a no frill visit. However, there will be a working lunch at the White House on Monday. With “Make in India” in mind Mr. Modi is slated to meet with industry leaders and investors and academics. Mr. Modi is a business friendly Prime Minister and the President of the USA is a businessman. By all indications, they seem to understand each other well. Although they have talked several times in the past this will be their first, face to face, meeting.

During his address to the community Mr. Modi recited a litany of achievements his government has made in the last three years. He said that “millions of families are getting cooking gas for free and it is not costing the government any extra money. Millions of those who are well off and do not need a subsidy for cooking gas, on request of the Prime Minister, have voluntarily given up their subsidies. That money is helping others.”

“Up until now, for any work at any office one had to give a bribe. Politicians were lining their pockets. However, technology has helped us to get rid of corruption. Millions of people have opened bank accounts and money is being directly deposited into their accounts. There is no middle man to get a cut from the money. Then there was the de-monetization process. All of this has made an impact on people’s lives. In three years we have introduced so many programs and have spent so much money. But we have remained completely corruption free.”

Addressing the community members Modi said ” all of you left your country to gain better knowledge and make a better life. You have shown exceptional achievements here. You have helped your adopted country. At the same time you have helped India. You send money. You give ideas to the motherland.”

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd before him, Prime Minister Modi said, “In the last election many from here spent their money and time and went to India as volunteers. They worked very hard. We are all indebted to you for that.” Ambassador Mr. Sarna introduced the Prime Minster to the community. Referring to the ambassador’s comments the Prime Minister said that there is a new spirit in our embassies and consulates around the world. Thanks to the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, the employees at the embassies and consulates have become more people oriented. They reply within 15 minutes instead of taking 15 days.” The Prime Minister mentioned a recent incident where the embassy in Islamabad helped an Indian girl was married to a Pakistani man who was already married and the girl was not told about it. She and her husband came to the embassy where she asked for help. The embassy staff helped her now she is in India.

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