Thu. Jun 20th, 2019

Choosing your career is a final decision

Choosing your career is a final decision

                        We must understand that career is chosen once in life and we also know that once a career is chosen, that becomes part of our life and most of us remain in that career throughout and in spite of our dislikes, we are not in a position to change the career and adopt another career in our life.  The wise people say that we must choose our career after though study of our interest, aptitudes’ and our likes and dislikes, but here in India such vocational guidance is rare and our parents choose a career for us in which we get employment and start earning without any wait and therefore, very few try to give us right education, right training and hence we do not become competent people.  Time is far away when we shall be getting proper education, proper training and proper employment and that time is also away from us when we shall be earning proper wages for proper life. These are the basic reasons, we are away from competency and efficiency and these are the reasons we are still poor and backward people. The state, the parents and the society must be alive for helping our citizen is choosing career and this course must be adopted when the child is just in the tenth class.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,
101-C  Vikas Colony, Patiala.

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