Attack on Any Place of Worship is attack on Community


Attack on Any Place of Worship is attack on Community

Newyork, November 6 (Raj Gogna)- Yesterday Sikhs can feel the pain as on Aug 5th 2012 Sikh Temple (Gurudwara) Of Wisconsin was attacked and 6 Worshippers died.
This is heartbreaking news and we condemn these kind of actions. “Worlds can’t express how saddened we are to hear this news of terror especially when community is commentating 33rd year of “Sikh Genocide 1984”.” Said – Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Director United Sikhs and President Of Sikh Sewak Society International.
Khalsa said “Sikhs understand this very well when In June 1984 Sikh place of worship Golden Temple (Sikh Vatican) was attacked by Indian Army.”
He said “As a community leader and as a society this is our duty to condemn these kinds of attacks and denounce people who does these kinds of things to attack humanity.”
Khalsa said “I urge local Clergy Associations and community leaders all across the world to call for gathering..”
I also wanted to urge all churches and places of worship to call local law and federal enforcement and see what programs they have to safe guard places of worship especially at the times of gathering.
“Darbar Sahib” known Golden Temple located in Holy City Of Amritsar,Punjab,India and its considered as Sikh Vatican was attacked by Indian Army in June 1984 on orders of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
Thousands of innocents were brutally murdered by Indian Army

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