This is the turn of the Lefts

This is the turn of the Lefts

At present all the national level political parties are silent and are not giving to the people their next targets. The people are looking for a party which could ensure that proper money comes to each house so that items of needs available in the market could reach their houses too. Till date the Lets are telling them that they have something like Socialism with them and that socialism could bring revolution in the country. So please, the lefts must open the bag and tell the people what is concealed in the bag and the next time, people could give them a chance. All the groups in Left wing must join and come forward in 2019 and must try because performance of other big groups had been with the people for the last seven decades and their sufferings could not be decreased. Let the Lefts too give us their performance.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate
101-C vikas colony

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