Our next government should concentrate on economic reforms

 Our next government should concentrate on economic reforms

               As far as India is concerned, it has attained all progress in fields of industry and food grain production and now everything is available in the market.  Most of the people are not having cash with them and that is the reason they are called poor and backward.  The next government must concentrate on economic reforms and ensure that reasonable cash is reaching in hands of all sections of the society sot hat the items which are on sale could reach all homes and the look of the country could be bette4r.  We have got experts in economic and financial matters and a special Commission must be set up who could tell us the way out.  We have enough cash and the PM had to introduce Note-bandi for the reformation, but nothing could have been achieved.  The money turning black must be avoided and we must pass law that no amount or cash shall go out and deposited in foreign lands.  All cash must be available in the country and must reach each family in shape of wages so that our look as poor and backward country must be written off.

Dalip Singh Wasam. Advocate

101-C vikas Colony,


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