India’s #IndependenceDay Celebrations Light up Social Media

India’s #IndependenceDay Celebrations Light up Social Media

On the 15th of August 2018, the nation celebrates their 72nd Independence Day. From the early hours of the morning, social media lit up with celebratory messages, Tweets, wishes and quotes. A national holiday in India, Independence Day is celebrated wholeheartedly across the country and elsewhere.

Meltwater, global media intelligence company, tracked and analysed the mentions of #IndependenceDay across editorial and social media during the lead up to and the day of the holiday.

Naturally, mentions of #IndependenceDay spiked on 15 August, but there was significant chatter in the week leading up to it.

With over 250k mentions over the last week and over 100k in just one day on social media, it’s evident that there is a lot of social hype around Independence Day. Not only that, but the data indicates that its overwhelmingly positive chatter too.

Looking at where else around the world India’s Independence Day has been spoken about indicates that India’s Indpendence Day was also celebrated around the world – particularly in Pakistan, the UAE, Fiji and even South Africa.

In Pakistan, where officials traded sweets at the Attari Wagah Border:

There were festivities in the UAE:

Fiji was the first place where the Indian flag was raised on the morning of 15 August:

The most popular cricket player on the planet, and arguably the most popular man in India, Sachin Tendulkar, expressed his gratitude for his nation’s unity in a Tweet this morning, which has quickly racked up several thousand likes and retweets.

The topics that were trending surrounding the national day, validate how so much of it was positive.

With themes like “freedom,” “life,” “nation” and “sacrifice” – the topics suggest national unity, gratitude and excitement around India’s 72nd year of Independence.

Other topics like “countless other things” and “Team India” with nearly 5 000 mentions each comes from Tendulkar’s Tweet who says that Team India, now a national treasure, wouldn’t exist without the fight for freedom in 1947.

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