Vaisakhi for Sikhs

Vaisakhi for Sikhs which  Sikh Day”
Vaisakhi also known as Khalsa Sirjana Diwas , a day on which Sikh identity was Created and five Articles of faith (5 kakkkars) came to existence

image1.jpegNEWYORK May 3 ( Raj Gogna )—Manmohan Singh Bharara Sevadar of Hamden Gurudwara Sahib and Swaranjit Singh Khalsa President Sikh Sewak Society International USA , an active member of East Coast Sikh Coordination Committee & member Norwich Commission of City Plan along with other leaders of Community played important role in preparing this Proclamation.

Khalsa said “This recognition (Proclamation) paves the ways to accomplish the same in other Cities of United States of America and also lays thefoundation stone to declare April 14th as National Sikh Day at National Level”.Curt Balzano Leng Mayor of Hamden and other staff members and City Council members presented Sikh Community the proclamation and stood in solidarity with Sikh Community.
American Sikh Community express heartiest thanks to both City officials and Mayor of Hamden for accepting their request and declaring this Holy day as National Sikh Day.
On this occasion Sikh Leaders from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were present in large numbers.
Himmant Singh Coordinator of East Coast Coordination Committee and  representatives of Sikhs for Justice human rights group also send their good wishes and are congratulating the Sikhs of Connecticut for th   achievement.
Sobha Singh Head Granthi  Jee of Gurudwara Sachkhand Darbar Hamden, Avtar Singh, RachpalSingh, Inderjit Singh, Roop Bhanger were present during proclamation ceremony at Hamden Townhall

Guruninder Singh Dhaliwal Vice President Sikh Sewak Society International USA and Kuljit Singh Member Sikh Sewak Society International USA, Jaspal Singh, Manga Singh, Maninder Singh Aroramembers from Windsor Gurudwara Sahib other community members and leaders send their best wishes to entire Sadh Sangat of Gurudwara Sachkhan Darbar, Hamden, CT 

 Sikh Sewak Society International is also running Vaisakhi Campaign this year in is installingeducational Billboards and Bus shelter signs in Norwich City areas to create awareness among people about Sikhism and Sikh Principles of selfless service. 

Also on May 19th 2018 this year East Coast Coordination Committee is organizing National Sikh Day Parade in Washington D.C to raise the issues of Hate Crime at National level.

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