High Court rules in Onkar Thandi’s favour

High Court rules in Onkar Thandi’s favour

20th December 2017, Leicester, UK: On 20th December 2017, in the Birmingham High Court, a hearing was held at which Onkar Thandi was granted permission to continue defamation proceedings against Ajmer Basra and Amrik Gill, who are charity trustees of the Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) in Leicester. As a ‘litigant in person’, Onkar Singh had represented himself, whilst the GNG Committee were represented by a Barrister.

Onkar Thandi states, “I don’t have any legal qualifications, but with Guru Nanak Sahib’s grace, my application was successful and their Barrister failed to convince the Honourable Judge with his counter-arguments, so I have gained permission to continue my case against these two individuals, who had defamed me on YouTube, Facebook and in two national Punjabi newspapers, because I’d exposed the GNG Committees’ condoning of racism and anti-Sikh behaviour at the Gurdwara”.


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