SAM PITRODA Announces Overseas Congress Expansion Worldwide

SAM PITRODA Announces Overseas Congress Expansion Worldwide

NEWYORK,August 31( Raj Gogna)- yesterday’s The newly appointed Chairman of the Overseas Congress Dept of AICC, the legendary Sam Pitroda addressed The Indian National Overseas Congress USA members in New York. INOC USA hosted a welcome event for its new leader at the Cottelion Banquet Hall in New York on August 26th, 2017. The event was attended by all the chapters of Overseas Congress, the executive committee and its National President Shudh Parkash Singh.  The event started with Shudh Singh introducing Sam Pitroda as a great Patriot and a man who brought revolution in Telecom and Communication in India working with the complex bureaucracy, a difficult system and obsolete resources in the 1980’s. He said that Sam Pitroda was able to bring the telephone to every household in India with his initiative (CDOT) and said that he was fortunate to be working with a legend like Sam Pitroda who is our Chairman Overseas Congress Dept AICC. Shudh also stated he will follow all directions of Sam Pitroda like he always followed earlier Chairman’s directions.

 “Our dynamic leader Rahul Gandhi could not have appointed a better person to lead overseas congress in my opinion” , added Shudh Parkash Singh.

 Sam Pitroda spoke on his journey in transforming Digital and telecommunication system in India and also recalled the support he received from the then Prime Minister – Late Rajiv Gandhi. He said that he was specifically entrusted to rebuild and energize the Overseas Congress by the Congress President Smt.Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi. He said that he will work on building Overseas Congress in many countries and asked all members to work unitedly in this mission as he said that only Congress can build a strong, secular and progressive India due to its inherent ideology. He recalled so many developments seeds that were sown with his initiatives and during the tenures of Late Rajiv Gandhi & Dr. Manmohan Singh that India is now reaping the benefits. He hoped that all NRI’s will work towards building a strong India. He mentioned he is at the fag end of his life, with two multiple bypass surgeries and Cancer and his only mission is to sow more seeds that will build a better India in the future. He said that he will do his best to give Overseas Congress a good platform for this mission.

Gurmit Singh Gill Mulanpur provided details of Chalo Punjab campaign he led for recent PUNJAB elections. He offered to repeat the same success for other states of India. Two veteran leaders from Punjab Mr. KK Bawa and Mr. Dakha also addressed the gathering.

Rajendar Dichpally (National General Secretary) spoke on how NRI’s can play an important role in developing the Congress Party in India and hoped the new Chairman will encourage NRI’s to return to India to serve in Social and Public Life. He also asked Sam Pitroda to build an effective communication channel to take the good thoughts and feedback from NRI’s for various policies and programs that can be implemented in India. Dr.Rajinder Jinna spoke on the telangana chapter activities and how the chapter was working with telangana Congress in giving ideas and support to their activities. Chaitanya asked Sam Pitroda to speak to the Consul General in New York to reintroduce direct flights from Newark(NJ) to Hyderabad(India).

Kalathil Varghese spoke on the activities of Kerala Chapter and also introduced his team and spoke to the good work being done in the chapter under the leadership of Joby George where they organized a national convention in Chicago. Ravi Chopra recalled the good work done by the President Shudh Jasuja under the previous President’s and also his role in Organizing a massive reception for Congress President Smt.Sonia Gandhi in 2001. Phuman Singh spoke on the need for Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi to visit USA and address the Diaspora. Charan Singh (President of Haryana Chapter) spoke on the activities of Haryana Chapter and said that under the Leadership of Shudh Singh Jasuja, the Overseas Congress has been doing a tremendous job and reiterated his support to his leadership.

Senior Vice President Phuman Singh, National VP Kalathil Varghese, Exec VP Ravi Chopra, Vice President Kulwant Deol spoke very high of the initiatives taken by President Shudh Parkash Singh. They expressed thanks to Rahul Gandhi for appointing Sam Pitroda as their new leader.

Chapter Heads Gurmit Singh Gill, Charan Singh Prempura, Sher Madra, Sushil Goyal, Joby George, Dr. Jinna and others showed their enthusiasm along with other among members for having a new leader who is not only a Legend but also a NRI like us.

The meeting ended with a photo session and informal question and answers with Sam Pitroda followed by dinner.

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