Zero Standard of Rural Postal Services in India

Zero Standard of Rural Postal Services in India

As you know, India’s 80% of population live in villages. But the postal services in rural areas quite zero standard. It is such that a post offices in an urban area works for full day, but on the other hand a post office in a rural area works for only three hours, despite the fact that two or three additional non-post office villages are attached with this rural post office. Every City or urban area has a post office but not every village has a post office. Urban post offices are separate and have well furnished buildings but rural post offices are premised in private homes. The urban area postal employees are permanent, but the rural area postal employees are temporary/part time. It is such that a post offices in an urban area all Business of Small Savings Paid commission to Agent, but on the other hand a post office in a rural area all Business of Small Savings without Paid any commission. Bonus of PLI Big and Bonus of RPLI Low. Salary of GDS App. 6000- PM. This kind of disparity with the rural folk is unfair and unjust. During after independence, the department of post has registered tremendous progress in rural areas through huge network or extra departmental Post offices. In the rural areas which represents a population ratio of 74.20% the postal development is much more phenomenal. A total number of 2.7 lacks of Gramin Dak Sevaks are taking care of the postal needs of the population through 1,27,183 branch Post Offices without buildings. This represents 89.42% of total connectivity whereas the urban connectivity is about 10.58%. The statistical data for the past decades goes to demonstrate the vast growth of Rural Post Office and GDS staff. It is GDS who are actually running the country’s postal services. ** It is illegal and extremely unfair labour practice to consider main workforce of the Postal Department providing 90% of Postal connectivity as “Extra Departmental”. The whole system of maintaining lakhs of workers as Extra Departmental employees is itself illegal. Since overwhelming part of the postal services are run by them, almost 90%, they should immediately be departmentalized/made integral part of the Department and paid all benefits admissible to regular employees. They indeed are the real Postal workforce in the country running largest and one of the most efficient Postal services in the world. It is unjust to consider them as class apart from the regular employees. Grant Status/Regularization as government servant to GDS employees as recommended by Justic Talwar and many Committees. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its land mark judgement held that the Extra Departmental agents (now GDS) are holders of civil posts.

    For promotion from GDSs to LGOs & MTSs age limit is 50 year and for promotion form GDSs to PA/SA is only 30 year age limit. Which is unfair and injustice to GDSs. Isn’t it a discrimination, injustice, high-hundeness. Apart from postal department, other different departments of Centre and other States have also recruited permanent employee in rural areas and these rural employees given promotion along with special kind of facilities .Besides there are other facilities like rural area allowance, concession in merit to rural children , preference in promotion or jobs. The postal department has recruited no permanent employees in rural area. Like other departments, the postal department should also give opportunities of availing facilities and promotions to its rural employees so that the life standard of the GDSs may improve. Here his only fault is that he has served in rural area. Unfortunately, most of the facilities granted by the department to the departmental employees are denied to these low paid poor employees where as the duties, services, functions, risks and responsibilities of the GDS employees similar and equal to those of departmental employees. If we want to revive our rural postal services, The Government of India must make serious efforts. As per provisions in the Constitution, the rural people should also be provided with all some equal rights as urban people enjoy. Department of posts long time services to urban. now turn is rural . It is therefore requested to the implement fully day postal services and modern facilities in rural areas. thanking you in anticipation.

Harikesh Sharma

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