An eye on skill formation


An eye on skill formation

Skill formation in India is highly needed task to reap the benefits of demographic dividend. But can it be achieved by launching only schemes and programmes??There are many other areas which need to put an eye.
In India many times,recruitment of teachers helds on approach basis. A person having poor subject knowledge but a strong approach of his/ her relative or friend succeeds in getting job of college professor. But a person with excellent subject knowledge doesn’t get the same as he/she has not approach to that level. Who can inculcate skill in students -a person having poor subject Knowledge or one having excellent the same?
Sometimes a person having compartments in concerned subject manage to get professor rank through so called approach and other having merit can’t get as they have not that approach. Who can produce toppers? Who can contribute to skill formation task? Former or latter?
A teacher is responsible to form doctors , engineers and officers. But if that post is corrupt than how can we expect to impart skill in young generation?
No matters, Government of India  launched SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES, SWAYAM PLATFORM, STAND UP INDIA and many more schemes with the slogan KAUSHAL BHARAT KUSHAL BHARAT. Unless the corruption in teacher and professor recruitment procedure will not eradicated, India can’t achieve its desired targets in skill formation task.

Simranjit kaur

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