An eye on female labour force participation

An eye on female labour force participation

        A non economic factor  social outlook of people is responsible for growth of economy. The mentality and thinking of Indians contribute to the growth story of India. Orthodoxy of Indians towards women is determinant of India’s growth.
Inspite of changing scenario  and modernisation of attitude of people towards girls ,still India’s many families  think that it is not mandatory for girls  to make their careers and take part in society as males can take. They have mindset that females have to do domestic work only. In fact their talent and skill is measured only by their proficiency in domestic work. Parents do not pay attention to career of girl child .
.Recently IMF Chief and Norway Prime Minister have said in joint paper that raising women’s participantion in the labour force  to the same level as men can boost India’s GDP by 27% . India poor female labour force participation hinders its way to tap the benefits of demographic dividend.Female labour force participation rate of Bangladesh is three times more than that of India. It makes India last ranker in female labour force participation rate among BRICS countries.
Actually In India there is lot of pressure on women to do household duties. Household duties are non paying . They do not add to national income. Inspite of working all the day their work do not contribute to GDP of country.
The policy initiatives will prove futile if mindset of Indians will not change. Improving female labour force participation is  mandatory  for India’s growth story as well as  for women empowerment.

Simranjit kaur 
Assistant Professor
(Economics dept.)


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