All India Sikh Students Federation observed ‘Shaheedi Smagam’ dedicated to Bhai Amrik Singh

All India Sikh Students Federation observed ‘Shaheedi Smagam’ dedicated to Bhai Amrik Singh

Talwandi Saboo: All India Sikh Students Federation observed ‘Shaheedi Smagam’ dedicated to Bhai Amrik Singh at Gurdwara Jandsar Sahib, Talwandi Sabo. AISSF released its ‘Directive Document’ on this occasion. Young student members from Malwa region marked their presence in large numbers.

After ‘Shaheedi Smagam’ was initiated with Naam-Simran, AISSF Constitutional Committee member Gursharn Singh(PU Chandigarh)  described the history or AISSF and Life,Contribution and Character of Bhai Amrik Singh. He reiterated background, sequences and consequences of 1984 attack on Sri Darbar Sahib and the role of AISSF in the Sikh struggle. Present situation of the Federation was presented before young student members. He also informed the members of various activities and achievements by AISSF in the previous academic session.

Notably All India Sikh Students Federation reconstituted itself into a completely youth students organization after the special session held at Sri Akal Takht Sahib. Afterwards, AISSF restructured it’s units in Panjab University(Chandigarh), Punjabi University(Patiala), Chandigarh University(Gharuan), Khalsa College(Patiala), Nehru College(Mansa) and other academic institutions. This Directive document was released after AISSF deliberately shunned active electoral politics and declared to focus completely on widening its base among the students.

Addressing the members, AISSF convener Bhai Anmoldeep Singh described the present political and religious leadership of the Sikhs as exhausted and outdated. He advocated for preparation of the ground for new young leadership. He said that today’s youth is well-informed and political aware owing much to the Internet and social media, but there is a strong need of development of Character and social structure among the youth of the nation. Declaring of AISSF’s allegiance to the struggle started by Sikh gurus for human equality and liberty, he emphasised on new start after the proper assessment of current political, religious, social and economic circumstances. Calling for the preparations of upcoming challenges and opportunities, he promised to expand the organization to other academic institutions in near future.

In the end, ‘Directive Document’ was released after Ardas Smagam under the patronage of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. AISSF leaders expressed their gratitude towards young members for turning in large numbers, Singh Sahib and SGPC for the co-operation in this Shaheedi Smagam. AISSF leaders Arshdeep Singh, Gursharn Singh, Resham Singh, Gursharan Singh, Kamaldeep Singh, Manjinder Singh, Hardeep Singh, Sukhpreet Singh, Sewa Singh and others were also present.

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