Aletheia Mecaskill The Next Strong Democratic Candidate for Maryland Senator


Aletheia Mecaskill The Next Strong Democratic Candidate for Maryland Senator

Maryland ,Raj Gogna)-Yesterday’s A first meeting of Aletheia Mecaskill held with South Asian Community at Paradise hotel in Baltimore. A prominent team of South Asian met her to make a coalition of three candidates. Since all the three candidates’ names start with A (Aletheia Aisha Aaron) the coalition has been named triple A. Dr. Surinder Gill introduced all the South Asian team members and thereafter had them speak a little about themselves. Aletheia Mecaskill the Senator to be explained her vision about the Maryland community. She states that she served in several fields like education, development and community affairs which helped her to be the nominated Candidate from the Democratic party.
She states that regardless if she win or not she will still help the community. She pledged to South Asians that the small businesses that are in the city will not be affected by big businesses like WAWA and Royal farms. She mentioned since she belongs to the minority she knows the difficulties people from minority face to which she further added that she will accommodate everybody and will go out of her way to help every group of community. She states her first priority is humanity not a particular religion or race. She promised to do something different keeping the potential growth in mind which will make a move in society, education on the other hand is her priority because it is important for every individual in the society,
At the end she states this Triple A coalition will move together, will work as a team and will strengthen their voice to mobilize the people and win the seats. She did give time to everyone who was present there to raise questions and concerns and she addressed the potential solutions and strategies to solve them.

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