Teej Festival celebrated at GNDU


Teej Festival celebrated at GNDU

Amritsar August 14: ‘if we want our society to be healthy and strong, we need to promote our rich heritage more than ever’, said Dr. Raminder Kaur, Head, School of Punjabi Studies of Guru Nanak Dev University on the occasion of the Teej festival celebrations in the courtyard of School of Punjabi Studies of the University.

            She said that efforts should be made to promote rich cultural heritage for the next generations as society is changing very fast.  The impact of Western culture and social media is undermining our social fabric. It is important for us to be linked with our rich heritage. She said that while School of Punjabi Studies is continuously doing research and teaching related to Punjabi literature, language, folk religion and culture, there is also an ongoing effort to celebrate the festivals and follow over rituals associated with human life as well to make students aware. Such cultural activities have become essential in the era of today’s fast life and psychic pressures, while the students are wasting their time on whatsapp and facebook. It is very important to put the energy of youth in the right place, she added.

            Earlier, Dr. Raminder Kaur started the event with swing and gidha alongwith students, faculty and employees. Students of the department also present giddha and folk songs with Dholki.

            On this occasion Dr. Harbhajan Singh Bhatia, Dr. Darya, Dr.Manjinder Singh, Dr. Megha Salwan and Dr. Baljeet Kaur were present.

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