25-year-old woman kidnapped, gangraped in moving car in Delhi


25-year-old woman kidnapped, gangraped in moving car in Delhi

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a 25-year-old woman was on Wednesday abducted and raped inside a moving car in Delhi’s Vasant Vihar area. The police have arrested three men in connection with the case and later sent them to judicial custody.

The victim and her friend were heading home after watching a movie at PVR Priya in Delhi’s Vasant Vihar area. While they were on their way near Munirka, a car crossed them and stopped suddenly thus blocking their way. According to the friend, the woman was pulled and pushed into the car. Though the victim tried to get rid of the accused, the efforts went in vain. The car drove past her friend.

The police were immediately apprised of the incident by the friend. The alleged car was easy to track as the officials were given the registration number of the same. The car was finally tracked in Geeta Colony.

The victim went through a medical test and after confirmation of rape an FIR was filed against the accused, said the police.

In a similar incident, a 23-year-old woman was allegedly kidnapped and gangraped by three people in a moving car in Delhi last week.

The woman, in her complaint, alleged that when she resisted their attempts to molest her, they gangraped her inside the moving car. After a nearly two-hour drive, the accused allegedly dropped the woman at a spot near a flyover in Sunlight Colony, not very far from Delhi Police headquarters, the official said.

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